HIE (Health Information Exchange)

HIE (Health Information Exchange) is the term used to describe the mobilization of health care data in regions, communities or health systems. Basically, instead of creating dedicated interfaces between each and every participant, an HIE model sees all participants integrating into and out of the HIE.

There are typically two models for HIEs:

  • Centralized
  • Federated

While the goal in both cases is the same — to provide participating physicians with access to patient information when needed — the process of the two models differs slightly.

With a Centralized model, patient information is sent to and stored by, a central system.  After that, all requests for information about specific patients is processed and returned from the HIE itself.

In a Federated model, the requests for patient information are managed by the HIE routing/forwarding the request on to each individual participant; allowing them to maintain control over their own data and requiring them to manage the individual responses.